About Us

Belleview Community Chapel is a local church in Westminster, CO.

We are a Jesus community.

Jesus is Lord. 
Reality isn’t a mistake. History isn’t chaos. Death is defeated.
The universe has a king. And we’re invited to live in his kingdom.
This is the confession of the church historic.

Jesus is Life.
The heart of the crucified God is self-giving, sacrificial love.
When we embrace the cross and the resurrection,
we embrace the best possible kind of life.
This is the confession of Belleview Community Chapel.

Belleview Community Chapel is a community
learning to have faith in the good news about Jesus,
learning to have our lives reoriented by the love of Jesus,
and learning to serve others with the hope of Jesus.

We are a community learning to trust, celebrate and embody Jesus
and we invite you to do the same.